Saturday, September 1, 2007

Comic of the Week (8/29/07)

There were a couple of good candidates for this week's title. Teen Titans Go! #46 was another fine, done-in one tale by Torres and Nauck - for the series based upon the characters of the Teen Titans cartoon. They story was a bit predicatable but it was well-executed. Countdown to Adventure #1 had some goregeous artwork from Barrows and Fiorentino on the two features. The pacing was a bit slow but it is an eight issue mini-series so I expect a little decompression.

The winner of the week then is Teen Titans #50. This anniversary issue is a celebration of the life of Bart Allen, who was a member of the group under the guises of both Impulse and Kid Flash. What really makes the book are the various guest-creative team vignettes. There is a wonderfully funny one pager by the Young Justice team of Dezago, Nauck and Stucker and a four-page gem from original New Teen Titans team Wolfman and Perez - both capture all the magic and glory of those books' hey-days.

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