Saturday, September 15, 2007

DHS Alumni - Sean Patrick McGraw

Yesterday I mentioned about tracking down and validating information from my Dunkirk High School graduating class ("class of 83 is the best!") for our reunion next year. One of our classmates, and someone who sat in front of me in Mrs. Baker's homeroom for four years, just happens to be a little bit more famous than some of the rest of us.

Sean Patrick McGraw is an incredible country music performer. He appeared a few years back on TNN's Nashville Star (the judges cut him early on that season, I think because he was the oldest of the contestants - they tend to focus on younger, fresh faces). However, that appearance only spurred him on to continue with self-production and promotion of CDs featuring music he has written and performed. All of his CDs to date are available via his website - - and the site also has more pictures, bios, news, samples of some of his songs and a message board. He also plays around the country in bars and such, bringing his music to the masses.

Now, I must admit that I'm not a mega fan of country music. I certainly enjoy it well enough. I enjoyed when the country hits crossed over quite a bit in the 70's. And, every now and again, I'll flip the radio channel in my car to a station that plays newer country music. A lot of the newer country artists have some pop-rock influence to to their music, and I think Sean shows some of that side. In fact, back in our high school days, you never would have been able to see his current musical position; back then he was part of long haired heavy rock band with a few of our other classmates. It can be amazing where life takes us, eh?

I really do enjoy all of Sean's albums. I find I can listen to them over and over, often singing along with the lyrics. I don't get tired of them. His songs tell great stories, and I am very fond of songs which do that. There are even times when I can see the small town roots in those tales, and that reminds me of where we grew up. Listening to his music, for me, is like going "home" again.

If you've never heard of Sean before this, please visit his site and give some of the samples a listen. If you like what you hear, do order yourself a CD or two. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

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