Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Book Review: The Phoenix Chase

Kid Omega’s latest scheme to set up his own mutant school goes horribly awry when mysterious aliens called The Remaining kidnap his “students”, demanding a rare Phoenix Egg – source of the awesome Phoenix Force – in exchange for their lives. Wildly out of his depth, Kid Omega turns to Cyclops for help. He gets a ride with space pirates the Starjammers, and someone more responsible: Cyclops’ brother Alex “Havok” Summers. Their mission: rescue the students, recover the Egg, save the day. But it won’t be easy. Galaxy-hopping sleuthing, heists, and action lead the X-Men to clues that reveal a monstrous plot using the Phoenix Egg to ultimately conquer the universe.

The Phoenix Chase by Neil Kleid is the latest in the Marvel School of X series. Aconyte Books provided an early galley prior to the May 2, 2023, release date.

I have been a Phoenix fan since the issues of Uncanny X-Men in the early 1980's. So, I was instantly drawn to a new storyline that involves the flame of the Phoenix Force beyond its first host Jean Grey. Throw in Havok, another classic character with cool abilities, and I was sold. This was a novel I had to check out.

Kleid does a fantastic job filling in the facts for those readers like me who are not fully up on the latest mutant adventures. He sets the stage well with classic X-cast members and other galactic individuals being portrayed true to character. That helps to insure reader buy-in to his plot. He also manages to tie-in to recent events in other novels in this line, managing to thread the needle of continuity seamlessly.

As for Kid Omega, this is clearly the most obnoxious character Marvel comics has ever created. Kleid again does a great job conveying this; I really was despising Quentin right out of the gate. But, by the end, I found myself pleased by the journey he had taken and the lessons he learned along side Havok. Fans will definitely enjoy this book.

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