Monday, January 17, 2022

Book Review: Black Cat - Discord

Legendary super-thief Black Cat takes on on some of Marvel’s most renowned heroes and mob secrets in this electrifying heist novel from Aconyte Books' Marvel Heroines line (coming March 1, 2022).

Felicia Hardy always puts her own interests first, but the appearance of a mythical golden apple in New York has everybody with a hint of power scrambling for it. And who’s everyone’s number one choice to nab it for them? The Black Cat, of course. Yet that isn’t the only job on Felicia’s radar. When a smart-aleck kid turns up demanding her help, Felicia finds herself caught between the mob, her morals and some very insistent supervillains. It’ll take all nine lives to wriggle out of this one intact, but Felicia has more than one trick up her sleeve.

I was very excited when the publisher allowed me a chance at an early galley of this upcoming novel. First off, how cool is that cover art by Joey Hi-Fi? The colors really pop, and Black Cat looks amazing against that purple skyline. I have been a huge fan of this character ever since her debut in Amazing Spider-Man #194 in the summer of 1979; I got that issue as part of my ongoing subscription to the book. Even though it has been over forty years (yikes!) since her first appearance, author Cath Lauria still evokes elements of the character's core while setting her story squarely in current Marvel Comics events.

And this novel clearly takes full advantage of that Marvel catalog with plenty of surprise appearances of both heroes and villains that populate the comic line's fictional New York City. It was fun to see who would show up next. Black Cat finds herself in the middle of not one but two interesting developments, and I enjoyed how the author was able to weave them together into an engaging narrative that has lots of action and heart. The ending was what I expected, but the fun was the jouney and not the destination.

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