Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Urban Cowboy (soundtrack) (35th anniversary)

This month marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the release of the soundtrack from Urban Cowboy. The album spent forty-seven weeks on the US Billboard Album chart, including two weeks at its peak position of number 3. The film would open on June 6th of 1980.

For my complete lowdown on this country-rock hoedown, click here.

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HERC said...

The movie could have featured any number of my relatives in lead or supporting roles, as they were all from within a hundred miles from where the movie is set, and all lived very simialr lives to the characters in the film. To a one, they will all tell you of magnificent nights had at Gilley's BEFORE the movie came out and how it all went downhill afterwards.

I totally dug the tunes on the soundtrack. And continue to do so to this day though I wish there was a double-disc Deluxe Edition that contained the nine songs from the follow-up soundtrack album (Urban Cowboy II) as well as other appropriate country pop and rock crossover songs from the time, similar to the Deluxe Edition of Jimmy Cliff's The Harder They Come.