Saturday, July 11, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 3 / Buffy season 6 episode 15

Continuing my viewing and reviewing of Angel season 3 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6...

*** SPOILERS ***

A3-15: Loyalty (written by Mere Smith, airdate 2/25/02)

I'm not liking the road Wesley is taking in this arc. I get that he's now concerned about the prophecy and having, literally, Connor's blood on his hands. But he's going from his usually likeable self to a much darker place. Now, his conversation with the animated burger-order-unit was rather interesting (liked the animation on that). Still, he's going to be looking for signs all the time and reading way too much into everything folks do and say. Plus, he's giving Gunn and Fred a hard time for coupling and that's wrong. They make a cute couple. Meanwhile, I liked how Lilah has one up on Sanjhan - seems lawyers are worse than century old demons.

B6-15: As You Were (written by Douglas Petrie, airdate 2/26/02)

You know it's bad when the vamps say you stink. The mundane work life is the least of Buffy's problems though. First Riley is back and needs your help - yeah. Oh - he's married to Sam - boo. Buffy turns to Spike to feel "loved" - yeah. Oh - Riley catches her - boo. And Spike is "the Doctor" - bigger boo. At least Buffy realized that she was using Spike for her own needs and is ready to do something about it. Hopefully though he won't take no for an answer. Love the tension with the two. I did enjoy the stressing of Xander and Anya as the wedding is only a week away. A lot of couples go through that - even when you don't have to deal with drunkard family members and demon friends. Looking forward to the nuptuals.

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