Friday, July 31, 2009

Comics of the Week (7/29/09)

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #7 - a fun issue with the Doom Patrol as guest heroes. With Beast Boy and the villain, it reminded me a lot of a Teen Titans Go! cartoon - which is good. I really enjoy this simple, fun book every month.

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3 (of 3) - this mini concludes with two so-so GL Corps tales (of the origins of Killowog and Arisia) but for me the highlight was the director's cut of Blackest Night #0 which was given out on Free Comic Book Day (and I didn't know about it nor get a copy - booo). At least here I get a pencilled version of the story so that was nice. Would have been better in color but oh well.

Justice League of America #35 - Len Wein is scripting an arc of the group with the Royal Flush Gang as villains. The cover teases "the Return" but who it is was kind of interesting. This hero so doesn't mix with the group as they currently are assembled. Should be a good story arc before the new creative team takes over permanently.

Justice Society of America #29 - I didn't mind the new art team on this book. No, my problem was with Willingham's writing. When characters don't sound and act the way they should, that is a problem. Also, when you bring in a mob of villains it helps out a lot that some of them aren't currently dead or being used in another title in a new costume or have been totally reformed. Way to screw up the research there, Bill. Also not digging the new characters brought in with heavy focus on them. Sounds so "Mary Sue" to me. This is the JSA - the book deserves better.

Teen Titans #73 - well, we learn of at least two characters who aren't in the coffin. The story continues with the new Fearsome Five, the prison break and the others learning how to be a team when their leader is no where to help. The Ravager back-up continues to be interesting.

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KC Ryan said...

When you bring in a mob of villains, it's nice to know who some of the obscure ones are and what they can do. For instane, was that Ibac taking out Power Girl? How did he do it - did he hit her, karate-hit her, use a magic blast? The artwork is unclear. Similarly, what happened with Cyclone, and Lightning? One minute they're on screen, the next they disappear. Ohh, never mind!

I liked the JLA tale - really liked it. I like the implication that it's Amos Fortune's card-dealing that gets us this JLA team. And the artwork is vastly improved - it looks cool. The King is no ranting idiot, he treats the girl-former-hostage pretty politely and well. I wonder what happened to the revamped Royal Flush Gang they tried out in 52? Never mind, I like this bunch better. And they can be a serious threat, no matter what anyone thinks.
Wednesday Comics continues to be a treat. I like 'em all, except Wonder Woman - too hard to read!