Thursday, July 9, 2009

Comics of the Week (7/8/09)

Booster Gold #22 - another mission into the past - this time to save Dick Grayson. Booster ends up in the early days of the New Teen Titans. Dan Jurgens does a pretty good job with this. The only obvious thing I noticed - he doesn't do anything with Changeling and very little with Kid Flash. Expected more out of those two during the fight. Ah well. The Blue Beetle back up was okay - seems to be a little rushed as the transitions between scenes seem non-existent.

Green Lantern #43 - the prologue to Blackest Night is here, and we get a detailed look into the past of Black Hand. Once again, Geoff Johns takes a classic villain with little to them and turns them into a very interesting and exciting character. Nice. This crossover event is going to rock!


KC Ryan said...

This crossover event is going to rock!
- And I'll follow it through your reviews, the same way I did that Trinity story!

Martin Maenza said...

This looks to have a larger impact than Trinity ever did. There are going to be special side mini's for the Superman, the Batman and the Titans families too. Lots of dead will rise!