Monday, December 8, 2008

Comics of the Week (12/4/08)

Trinity #26 - halfway point of this year-long weekly run book, and we're pretty much spinning in a rut. Still on the alternate reality, still the villains trying to get their act together, still the heroes confused and still the trinity missing. Yawn.

Terror Titans #3 (of 6) - the creative team continues to deliver on this mini series. Lots of villainy, lots of twists and turns, and the "shocking" revelation at the end of the issue is very exciting news.

Justice Society of America #21 - Gog demanded blind worship and the JSA said no! Now it all hits the fan. About time! While it played out like I expected, I appreciate all the characterization we've gotten in this arc for the ever growing cast. It is always a joy to see Jerry Ordway penciling the JSA again - takes me back to the early days of Infinity Inc. and, of course, the All-Star Squadron back in the 80's.

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KC Ryan said...

Yeah, the JSA said "No".

And Gog kind of went nuts.

Not totally unreasonable, from his point of view. Geez, I heal you, I take care of you, I provide food... all you gotta do is worship me a little. Come on, guys!

Neat, neat set-ups here.

Also, I liked Ambush Bug #5, though admittedly I really didn't get what they were parodying (well.... I didn't. Maybe I'm just slow.) Funny stuff, anyways.