Sunday, December 14, 2008

Comics of the Week (12/10/08) part 2

Trinity #28 - okay, now we get this plot moving as the closest allies of the trinity in this alternate reality make a move to track them down. This shows why these six folks are so important to the three heroes - a nice spotlight.

Justice League of America #27 - worlds collide as the Milestone characters from the early 90's fold into the DCU proper. The JLA headquarters gets invaded by Icon, Hardware and the members of the Shadow Cabinet. And even if you're not familiar with who these folks are, Dwayne McDuffie helps bring you up to speed really quickly. This looks to be a fun, exciting arc.

Secret Six #4 - the discovery of Neron's "get out of Hell free" card sparks tension among the group, and it has every major baddie on their tale thanks to the weird and wild "Junior". Once again, Gail Simone writes a perfect villains book - from the dialogue to the characterization to the whole aspect of what it is like for these costumed criminals to exist in world out to get them. Lots of fun and one of the best new DC books from 2008. If you aren't reading it, you are missing out!

Booster Gold #15 - first, how can you not love that cover? Elongated Man tying up Booster and Skeets. Perfect! Inside, the time travel chaos continues and Booster and his sister get an ally in the Stretchable Sleuth. Can they solve the mystery before time falls apart? With Ralph Dibny on the scene, you know they will! Good to see him back in action, even if it is a Ralph from the past. This is one of my favorite new DC books from 2007 and it still remains a read I look forward to each and every month.

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KC Ryan said...

The deal with the Milestone characters is they each have well-defined personalities or quirks - Iota with her "dears" and kleptomania, Hardware with his mechanical speech, Blitzen with her "honesty"... I feel like I know these characters all right.

Can't tell what they're up to, but I agree, it's scary the way Dharma knows everything.

I liked how Batman punched out the gal with the stars (twilight?) because she was actually too nice to be Dr. Light! THAT's funny!