Saturday, December 13, 2008

Comics of the Week (12/10/08) part 1

Action Comics #872 - I'm not thrilled that this title began a cross-title arc with other Superman books. I don't get those, so following the story just here is a little rough at times. Things are recapped in a way but not satisfactorily enough. I hear Johns will be leaving the writing of this book soon anyway, so maybe it is time to drop it and save some money each month.

Ambush Bug: Year None #5 (of 6) - a nice parody issue of the events of Countdown, at least those pertaining to the multiverse rebirth and visitation by various heroes. I love the painting of Dan Didio as a villain as mnay fanboys feel that way about him. All in all, this series has been pretty good. One more laugh filled installment to go next month.

Final Crisis #5 (of 7) - while I liked this issue slightly better than the previous few, I figured out my problem with Grant Morrison's story. I don't care what happens. We don't have the big heroes (the Trinity, Green Lantern, etc.) in major roles. Most got knocked out of the action early on. Sure, Barry Allen came back but what has he done since then? Nothing. Disappointing. And it would help the narrative a bit if things were a little more explained. Ah well.

Final Crisis: Revelations #4 (of 5) - unlike the main story, this spinoff side tale is very clear and takes the time to really delve into its cast. We don't need a huge cast to get the story of Cain/Vandal Savage and the Spectre, as well as that of Montoya. If the main Final Crisis were as focused as this mini is, I probably would be enjoying it more.

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