Monday, January 14, 2008

When In Doubt...Sequel

Okay, so last night started the new "season" of Celebreality shows on VH-1. I call it my Sunday night of mindless entertainment. Yeah, they delivered.

Now, VH-1 is notorious for taking an idea that worked once and doing it again and again. There's all the I Love the... shows (which I love). There's countless seasons of Celebrity Fit-Club (man, there are a lot of overweight B and C list stars out there, huh?). And who doesn't enjoy the interaction of various bottom feeder celebs living together in the Surreal Life? And that's not even touching on the celebrity find-a-mate shows. Flava Flav has had two Flava Of Love shows with a third "season" coming in March, and one of his cast-off girls got not one but two "seasons" of her own show with I Love New York. So what did last night bring me?

1) Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant - yup, we continue from where the last season ended. Scott decided to commit to his girlfriend Renee and to get engaged. Then she dropped the bombshell - they were expecting a child. So, this "season" we get to watch Scott try to handle upcoming fatherhood. If last season didn't show us that he was selfish about giving up his single lifestyle, now he's got to give up a lot more to make room for his child. What amazes me is that with all the women he's been with over the years that he never, ever got a woman pregnant to begin with. But, hey, with him being such an ass, he makes the rest of us men look good. My wife can overlook my little collecting hobbies and such when compared to Scott and his foolishness. Thank you, Scott, for lowering the bar for us all just a little bit.

2) Rock of Love II - yup, after getting his butt dumped in the finale by Jess, the woman he chose, Bret Michaels is back again. And he's got another house of twenty women with absolutely no shame to pick and chose from. Now, some of these women I have to use the term very loosely (what's with that French woman?). And more than half of them look like they've just come from the plastic surgeon on the way to the strip club where they work. And that doesn't even include how sloppy drunk they got in the first episode. One woman was so plastered that she didn't even make it down to the elimination - yeah, she gets cut (duh). This show is like watching the Bachelor meets Jerry Springer - it's a trainwreck waiting to happen and you just can't turn away! Oh, and the previews for the season show that we get three cameos from contestants last season - wild-cowgirl Rodeo, psycho Lacey, and 2nd-place stripper Heather. Yeah, this should be interesting indeed.

See what I have succumbed to now that the Writers' Strike hasn't settled? Thanks a lot, Hollywood!


KC said...

You can always write, Martin :)

Seriously - how do you think I end up doing two stories a month? I really don't watch much TV.

Except for Forensic Files. Love that show.

Drew Carey's Whose Line is on late nights now. Love that show. And somehow I keep finding episodes I haven't seen. Or I just forgot.

I'll watch football now that it's getting interesting (read: down to the end). Packers vs Patriots - dare we hope?

And I can't help but watch those Whacked Out Sports shows and their ilk...

OK, so I do watch TV :) I just hope the writers never come back or I'd be in real trouble! :)


Martin said...

KC, I can't really write at night. With a wife, a 12 year-old, two dogs, etc. I just get too distracted. I need quiet when I write - thus why I only get one story a month done, if I am lucky.

KC said...

I know what you mean - I often stay late at work to write. I'm the only one around and I can write like the Dickens.

But if I go home - well, there's too many distractions.