Sunday, January 6, 2008

Comics of the Week (1/4/08)

My favorite this week was, hands down, Justice League Unlimited #41. It features my two favorite villains from the Batman animated show - the Joker and Harley Quinn - running rampant through the Justice League Watchtower. And it was fun to see them deal with heroes they aren't used to fighting. Just a fun book all the way around.

Countdown to Final Crisis #17 - well, Ray Palmer's tranquil life gets shattered as the true nature of "Bob" the Monitor is revealed. Nice parallels too with what's happening to Ray's true wife - Jean Loring - back over on his home Earth. The walls come crumbling down, and the final pages show the war is about to begin!

Countdown to Mystery #4 - the Eclipso tale takes the lead this time in the issue, and it follows up immediately from this week's Countdown events. Nice to see Bruce Gordon, the original host of Eclipso, back into the picture. Again, definitely some serious throwdowns building in this story. The Dr. Fate tale this time was just so-so at best. I'm really buying this book now for the Eclipso story which I find much more engaging and pertinent to other events.

the All-New Atom #19 - Gail has turned over the writing of this book to Keith Champagne. While it was good, it didn't have that extra pop that Gail adds to whatever she writes. It is a nice, self-contained tale that keeps up with the oddity factors surrouding - or in this case, below - Ivy Town. Jerry Ordway delivers some nice pencils this time, and Champagne even does some of the inking.

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