Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clean House

Over the holidays, my wife got me sucked into a show she discovered on the Style Network - Clean House. The show is about a team lead by the in-your-face Niecy who visit houses of truly messy people and help them get organized with a yard-sale/make-over. The team includes a yard-sale expert, a handyman and a designer as well.

Each hour long episode follows a formula: team shows up, we get a tour of the sty, they convince people to give up their stuff for the yard sale, they reveal then if the sale sells enough, and then the people get to see the results of the makeover.

What gets me is how truly messy these houses are! I mean, seriously, do these people actually live like this or do they know that the show is coming so they can add to the chaos already. Because, seriously, if there are grown adults who live this way there is something seriously wrong with them. The one we watched last night, for example, was just so bizarre. A husband and wife had been married for two years yet they still had unopened wedding gifts in the family room. Oh, and the 10 week old baby's room was so full of the wife's childhood toys that the baby was sleeping in their bedroom. They didn't even have a crib. Hello? If you people are seriously this much of slobs, you had no business having a baby.

Ah, well, it could be worse. I could succumb to watching another episode or two of the Girls Next Door on E!, the show about Hugh Hefner's trio of air-headed blonde chippies. That's enough to flush your braincells right down the toilet. ;)

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