Friday, January 18, 2008

Two More From the Library

I picked up the final two trade paperback volumes of the Starman series at the library earlier this week, and I finished reading them last night. These two mark the last major arcs and the end of the series.

Now, I'm not a stranger to the title. I picked up the first three or so trades when the series was in mid-run and getting a lot of attention. I enjoyed them enough - mostly due to James Robinson's writing - to consider continuing. I wanted to do the trade route as that was easier than the monthly book. I got the fourth trade and then stopped for some reason. These two are numbers nine and ten. So, I missed a good chunk in the middle.

As I said, I enjoyed the writing on these. Clearly Robinson is going for a coming-of-age novel approach on this series, and it shows. While he uses continuity of the past decades of DC books in the title, he takes a few liberties here and there to make things "fit" better to his design. I'm okay with that. The book also has some Twin Peaks-like elements to it. Sort of an eclectic vibe and mood. Oh, and a dwarf.

I'm glad to have a chance to read these - especially without it costing anything (gotta love the library). I was hoping they'd have the others as well but I've watched for a few months but no sign of them. That's why I figured I'd get the two I did see.

This is one of those series comic fans all recommend. I'd say it is a good read so you might want to check it out. The art didn't wow me though. Again, a style thing. Ah well.

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