Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Comics in December pt. 12

Here's the final installment for the December 2007 books. Clearly, 2007 was a year of "the green" - Green Lantern that is! With the awesome Sinestro Corps story arc which seems to have wowed everyone who read it, how could the year end even better? Two final GL books in the last week of 2007.

Green Lantern/Sinestro Coprs Secret Files and Origins special - this is the first SF&O in a long time that has been worth the cover price. Not so much in the story department - though we do get a short tale of the alien GL who serves as the keeper of the shrine to fallen Lanterns, but we do get page after page after page of awesome biographies of hundreds of GLs and villains. Sure, they're small paragraphs and small art, but you get a good sense of who each of these folks are and what kind of story potential there is with them. The GL creative teams are going to build off their 2007 momentum for even greater things in 2008.

Green Lantern #26 - the war is over, but the stories are just starting. Sinestro, now imprisoned, comes to realize all he has wrought - and it isn't pretty. The Guardians meanwhile prepare to unveil the new Second Law. And some GL enacts the First Law (being able to use leathal force on Sinestro Corps members) outside of the war! This should have some interesting ramifications. Oh, and Hal and Cowboy do some stunt flying(!). If you just got onto the book, stick around. I feel the best is still to come.

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