Thursday, January 17, 2008

Comics of the Week (1/16/08)

Countdown to Final Crisis #15 - we're still on Earth-51 as the trio of world-searchers continue to aid Ray Palmer and the world he fled to. We get more details of who this Ray Palmer of Earth-51 was and why he was special. We also get more clues to what could be going on with Karate Kid, his mysterious illness and the upcoming "Great Disaster".

Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #10 - a nice spotlight tale on Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad this time out. It helps lay the groundwork for their growing/expected relationship.

Justice League of America #17 - two stories again this time. The lead ties in nicely to Salvation Run while the later explores the mystery of Vixen's sudden change in powers. Both plots, no doubt, continue in the coming months.

Book of the week - Booster Gold #6! This is the final part of the first story arc as Booster and a trio of Blue Beetles (past, present and future) attempt to change history and save Ted Kord from being murdered by Maxwell Lord. The ramifications of this issue should be huge, and they set the stage nicely for the next arc. I'm loving this book. It delivers every month and I hope its track record continues for a long time to come.

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