Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm Hopeless!

With the wife and son off visiting her relatives in Minnesota for the long weekend, what am I doing right now (besides blogging on the laptop from the kitchen counter)? I'm watching the beginning of High School Musical 2 for like the sixth or seventh time. I am so much a sucker for musicals with teen casts. Makes me with my high school days were a musical. Ah well. Maybe I'm just anticipating my 25th Reunion in July.

What team? Wildcats! What team? Wilcats. Get your head in the game!

Oh, wait a minute - my high school's mascot was the Marauders (a tiger). That's a wild-cat. Yeah, yeah, that's it. "Get your head in the game!"

Sigh. Yeah, I'm hopeless.


Apachedug said...

Martin--your post here inspired me to write something about musicals; I even quoted your blog here!

If you see this comment, and get a chance to check it out...I'll be curious what you think!

Your pal, Doug

Martin said...

Doug, I checked out your blog. Thanks for quoting me and I am glad I inspired you for an entry.