Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where Superstars Shine and Sign

Back in 1993, Maggie Thompson and Krause Publishing put out a hardcover book. Seeing as I was still a regular subscriber of the Comicbook Buyers' Guide, I snapped up their Comic Book Superstars publication. While a little dated today, it is a fun book to see who was active in the comic book industry at the time.

What I use my copy for, though, is my source for getting autographs and such from folks in the comic book industry whenever I go to conventions. I've taken it to Atlanta for Dragon*Con and San Diego (many times) for Comic-Con International. I even brought it with me last weekend to the Hickory Comic-Con so I could get it signed by Roy Thomas.

I like it because it will be sort of a personal momento for me - a reminder of the many creators I've had a chance to meet and talk with at shows. Some of the autographs, like cartoon that of underground humor writer Jay Lynch, are personalized to me - so it is something I can enjoy until I'm old and gray and then pass down to my son as well as a family "treasure".

So, who's signatures have I collected in the book so far over the years?

Of course, there is the author Maggie Thompson (she signed it in four places in the book - with a "x of 4, collect 'em all" tag line, very appropriate for the whole 90's trend of multiple covers). And I have just signatures from Neal Adams, George Perez, Irv Novick, Mart Nodell and his wife (met them in Atlanta - what a wonderful elderly couple), Julius Schwartz, Ramona Fradon, Greg Theakston, Bob Haney, Geoff Johns, Adam Kubert, Jim Mooney, Walt and Louise Simonson, William Messner-Loebs, Batton Lash, Terry Collins, Al Bigley, Brian Michael Bendis, Dick Ayers, Mark Waid, John Romita, Tony Isabella, Bob Greenberger, Rags Morales, and Steve Rude.

I also had a couple creators that did mini-sketches in the book when they signed it. It started when Chuck Wojkiewicz did a Crimson Fox portrait in the front cover. That seemed to spark other artists to add to the jamfest. Bill Marimon did a quick sketch of Damage, a character he co-created. Scott Shaw(!) did me a quick Fred Flintstone. Sergio Aragones added in an inquisitive Groo who is looking at writer Brian Augustyn's quick sketch of the Flash. Bob Burden added one of his own creations next to Paul Chadwick's Concrete. Ric Estrada added a soldier from one of the many war comics he drew over the years. Oh, and writer Kurt Busiek drew me this spotted sort-of-thing that was supposed to be a cow (what a funny guy!).

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