Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And You Thought Your Ex Was Bad

Last week I had the chance to record and then watch My Super Ex-Girlfriend, another film from 2006 that I meant to see in theatres but didn't. Now, you might have missed this one. The film stars Luke Wilson as a NY City guy who happens to ask out a woman on the subway. The woman, played by Uma Thurman, turns out to have a secret - she's really the super-powered heroine known as G-Girl. This comedy film covers the rise and fall of that relationship.

I watched the film with my wife. She did like the whole 'becareful how you cross the woman you're dating' angles, but some of the things I found very humorous really just didn't make her laugh. See, I'm a comic book reader thus the whole "woman of steel/man of kleenix" angle was very funny to me. I loved the complete focus on 'things one must do to hide their secret identity' too. That was played up very well.

Still I could certainly see how this film could easily fall into a fanboy's dream (you know the comic book fanboy - the guy who will debate you for hours why hero X is greater than hero Y, etc.). The film really caters to that audience with a lot of the humor and the situations (what sex would be like with a dominating super-woman, and how said woman becomes the bane of the guy's existence when he breaks up with her).

Luke Wilson plays the everyman well and doesn't go over the top when he realizes the woman he's landed. Uma Thurman gives a great performance of a character who at times borders on bipolar. The actress who played the blonde in the office was cute enough though how things played out was pretty predictable. The actor who played the best friend really came off like a jerk, which is what the script called for. I also enjoyed Wanda Sikes in her supporting role. I wish there was more of her in the film as she is always extremely funny.

The only part of the film I thought was 'meh' was the final reel. Like the film Howard the Duck, this one does pretty good in the first two thirds of sticking to the genre without getting too cliche. The last part of the film sort of feels like a way to quickly tie-it-all-up because the end was approaching fast. The ending here was kind of cheesey - and even for a comedy like this it was too cheesey.

Definitely one you'd want to catch on cable for free as opposed to spending money on a rental. Hopefully you didn't spend the money to see it in the theatres in 2006.

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