Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bang - You Got Me!

Just when I thought my Monday nights couldn't get any funnier, CBS added to the block of two of my favorite comedies a third, freshman show called the Big Bang Theory.

Last week I mentioned how much I enjoyed the pilot episode. It was very smart, very funny, very in-tune to the geek world. It referenced commentaries on Battlestar Galactica DVDs and one of the guys wore a Flash t-shirt. That's geeky. But, I thought, pilots are usually top notch to sell the show - how will the second week be?


Last night was another awesome episode. From the opening discussions on how Superman: the Movie defied physics (and not just in that a man can fly - and how about them discussing a good Superman movie? Kudos!) to watching the two high IQ leads try to figure out how to move some furniture (with a Green Lantern reference yet!) to the final joke of the four scientists discussing the inferior design of said Swedish furniture, this show had me laughing out loud from start to finish.

The cast really works. Johnny Galecki (known from Roseanne) plays Leonard, the geek trying to rise above. Jim Parsons plays Sheldon, the organized neat freak who wears his super-hero shirts proudly. Kaley Cuoco plays Penny, the cute and not as smart nextdoor neighbor whom Leonard is determined to help in whatever way he can.

My hope is that CBS gives it a full season to find its audience. So far, it is doing well in the ratings. It is definitely a show that appeals to folks who have a bit higher than a high school education.


apachedug said...

Dammit, I completely forgot this was on last night! I enjoyed the pilot too, and was looking forward to seeing this week's episode.

Martin, speaking of new sitcoms, did you watch the second ep of 'Back to You'? I thought it was hilarious!

Ryler32 said...

Good Ratings For The Big Bang Theory In week 2 Again !!

The show finished # 2 in its time slot behind the mighty Dancing With the Stars, and it built on its How I Met Your Mother lead in by 13%. It also beat NBC's critically acclaimed Chuck by a whopping 14 %.

The Big Bang Theory is thriving !!

Martin said...

Doug, I did see the second episode of "Back To You". I have to admit, I wasn't as happy as I was with week one. I hope it gets back to where it was in the pilot as far as funny level.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this show. It is one of the best, most cerebral sitcoms on TV! Your review is spot on -- I plan to blog about it too! BANG! They had me at the Doppler Effect!