Thursday, October 4, 2007

Celebrity Poker Hands

On my way into work yesterday morning, the DJs and their staff were playing a game called Celebrity Poker Hands with listeners. The idea is to find out which celebrities are born on your birthday and assemble the "best" poker hand (ie. five celebs) that you can. Of course, the "best" is going to depend upon who you're playing with - some folks might consider famous sports figures to be a really strong hand, others might think actors or musicians. The idea is to just see who has the "best" poker hand of the group.

To help, here's a website that allows you see who was born on your birthday:

I dropped into this site yesterday and assembled the following hand for my birthday (Feb. 23rd). Remember: I am a TV and movie geek so that influenced a bit of my choices.

1. Peter Fonda (1940) - I will start out with that Easy Rider himself. This actor has such a wide range of work, even active in such recent films as Ghost Rider, Wild Hogs and 3:10 To Yuma. All that longevity earns him a place in my hand.

2. Howard Jones (1955) - I have to include this 80's musician. I've always loved his songs and we (my wife, my son and I) actually saw him live in concert back in 2000 or so (on the same bill at the Human League and Culture Club).

3. Kristin Davis (1965) - I gotta go with her for a number of reasons. First, loved her back on Melrose Place in the 80's. Second, she's very funny on Sex In the City. And third, hey - same year born as me! How cool is that?

4. This one was a tough choice. Part of me wants to go with Home Improvement matriarch Patricia Richardson (1951). She played "Jill" for many years against Tim Allen's "Tim 'the Toolman' Taylor". However, the uber-TV geek in me has to lean more towards Marc Price (1968) who played "'Skippy' Handleman" on Family Ties for many years. Marc played that underdog dweeb so well in his ever-lasting fatuation of "Mallory". I gotta give the fourth spot in my hand to Marc for that.

5. The fifth and final place in my hand has to go, without a question, to Majel Barrett (1939). Wife of Gene Roddenberry and very accomplished actress in her own right, she will also forever be known as the voice of the computer systems on all of the next-generation of Star Trek TV series and films.

So, that's my Celebrity Poker Hand. Care to share yours?

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