Saturday, October 20, 2007

Comic of the Week (10/17/07)

Countdown #28 was about par for the course - a couple good scenes and a couple mediocre ones. It also spoiled something from the next book on the list - too bad they couldn't have included a reading order somewhere to avoid that spoiler. Still, I've been in for half the ride on this year long weekly book so I'll stick around until the end.

Death of the New Gods #1 is written and draw beautifully by Jim Starlin. As the title suggests, there are epic changes in store for the pantheon from New Genesis and Apokolips in this mini series. Will these "deaths" be permanent? Hard to say. Part of me would be sad to see these classic Jack Kirby creations gone for good. I discovered them in the late 70's when a lot of the characters were resurfacing in titles (I missed their debuts in the early 70's but have since read those runs in reprints) and found them to be very enjoyable. They really are heroes (and villains) in a very classic mold. Again, I hope they'll be back in some form - possibly after the Final Crisis hits the DCU next May.

Justice League of America #14 continues the battle between the JLA and their foes united in the Injustice League. The issue seemed to be a quick read this time. Maybe a lot of large panels in the art contributed to that. It was still good but not as meaty as I would have preferred.

And, for the book of the week - Brave and the Bold #7 teams up Wonder Woman and Power Girl in another Waid/Perez collaboration. This was a very solid, done-in one sort of tale with two powerful heroines. Throw in a major guest-star, a recognizable classic villain and some interesting revelations in the final pages that seem to be following up on the first B&B arc by this creative team, and you have the makings for a solid comic book. Waid and Perez pack more in this single tale than most creative teams do in two or three regular monthly comics. Kudos to them.

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