Monday, October 29, 2007


Last night on America's Most Smartest Model, the remaining models were mentally challenged with a science fair project (which they did in teams of two). Later, they then had to tie it in with modeling by mixing their own sunless tanning products and doing a photoshoot with their "bronzed" pasty skinned nerds. Very funny stuff.

The beauty was that to help on the science fair judging and such the show brought in Bill Nye the Science Guy. How cool is that? Bill freaking Nye! Even before we had a kid, my wife and I used to watch his show on Sunday mornings (along with Beakman's World). Nye was his usual quirky out-there sort of self. A great casting on a reality show that is shaping up nicely.

Only downer - Jessie, the gay black model, was the one "purged" this week. I knew it would happen. He's been on the chopping block for three weeks. Mary Alice has been harping on him to lose weight and that he's "not a model". Jessie had the smarts and a nice look in the face - just a little gut. What a shame. We really liked the guy.

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