Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Comic of the Week (10/10/07)

Five books purchased this week. Three get very high marks, one solid as always and the last so-so. Going from worst to best:

Countdown #29 - on the positive side we now know which of the parallel Earths that Lord Havok and the Extremists (thinly veiled versions of Marvel villains reside) and the two page origin spread of the Penguin was nice. On the downside, they killed off the Jokester (you bastards!) and too many of these other plot threads are dragging their heels. And I'm getting a little tired of having to go off to other mini-series to get the rest of this story. Ah well.

Justice League Unlimited #38 - another solid issue from the animated DCU. I liked the focus on Giganta and her affections towards the Flash - a carry over from one of the cartoon episodes in the final season.

Green Lantern #24 - this is chapter 8 in the Sinestro Corps War arc, and things really hit the fan when the villains assault the Earth. There is a lot of action and drama that takes into account all the various mainstays of the title - Hal, Kyle, John, and Guy.

Booster Gold #3 - Booster spends time in the wild-wild west with gun-slinger Jonah Hex. Sure, the whole "destroy a hero by insuring their parents are never born" is an old standard, but it worked well in this issue. And I love the final pages and lead-up for next issue.

The book of the week title goes to the first of a three-issue mini-series called Captain Carrot and the Final Ark. Yes, yes, CC and his Zoo Crew are back in action. I loved this book back in the early 80's, featuring "funny animal" super-heroes in a world that made fun of things in our own (real celebrities and politicians, for example, have animal names like "Byrd Rentals" and "Mallard Fillmore"). The art is being done again by Scott Shaw(!) who was the original illustrator of the team's adventures over 20 years ago. The book works on many levels, just like good classic cartoons from Warner Brothers and Disney used to. I'm hoping this mini does well enough to warrant a follow-up or possibly a new ongoing series again.


Michael O. said...

GL #24 was awesome! I got chills! I could hear a dramatic musical score going on in my head. A major treat for GL fans! But don't you find it funny when multiple mega-stories are going on at once in the DCU? Isn't Washington DC, like, in ruins from Amazons attacking? And now the Statue of Liberty goes down? And in other books, I'm sure no one really cares either way. I remember thinking this back during Morrison's run on JLA, when the Earth was either invaded, half-destroyed, or completely incapacitated by the language centers of the brains of all Earthlings being shut down at any given time. And this happened like every other month. While something similar was going on in JSA at the same time. And yet...no one else in other books seemed to notice. Funny. Anyway, Sinestro War GOOD!

Martin said...

Mike, you are right - Washington DC is currently in a wrekc due to Amazons Attack mini-series. And, yes, it is funny how no one in other books notice what chaos is being wrought in other titles. Poor editorial control.