Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Book Review: Dark Justice - Worlds Without a Justice League

The Justice League are dead. Or are they? During an epic battle against Pariah and his Dark Army, Earth's defenders sacrificed themselves to save the Multiverse. The team seemed dead to their world, but Pariah, needing power to fuel his plans, imprisoned the League members on custom-made worlds using his growing powers. Each world is tailored to the innermost desires of the Justice League. What Pariah intends to do with these worlds is a mystery...

Crafted by an all-star creative team including Tom King, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Tini Howard, Simon Spurrier, Dan Jurgens, and many more, Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League directly ties into the event Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, giving readers a look at what happened to the legendary heroes after the shocking events of Justice League #75. It collects the five Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League one-shots.

DC Comics took the main players off the table when setting up their Dark Crisis mini-series, but no one believed for a second they were gone. Instead, each one has been shunted to their own realities where variant lives are playing out for them. There are several creative teams involved in this effort, with each issue featuring both a lead story and a shorter back up.

I found some of these to be better than others which often happens with these tie-ins that are not part of the main ongoing titles. While they fill in a gap and answer the question "what was the Justice League doing while everything else was going on?", they are minor details at best. There was not a common theme or thread running between each "other life" beyond that they were somehow fueling Pariah's power. We don't even get specifics of what Pariah's intent was; the main miniseries is where that gets answered. Instead, we get ten stories just mark the time. They are not necessary unless you're a reader who has to know every little detail. Some details, in my opinion, can just be simply summarized.

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