Thursday, June 15, 2023

Book Review: Dark Crisis - Young Justice

Tim Drake, Impulse, and Superboy go missing during the Justice League’s funeral. The only person concerned enough to find them? Cassie Sandsmark, a.k.a Wonder Girl. But...the three boys of Young Justice aren’t on this Earth anymore...they’re on the world of their dreams, one they may never want to leave! If anyone can rescue the boys, it's Wonder Girl! Cassie will help them navigate the strange fantasy world they're trapped in...but isn't Cassie back on Earth?

Dive into the adventure and discover which Cassie is lying with Dark Crisis: Young Justice! Collecting Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1-6.

Any of the big DC Comics events often have tie-ins to support the main mini. Dark Crisis is no different. Here we get a storyline focusing specifically on the heroes from the 90's who hoped to follow, one day, in their mentors' footsteps. It was good to revisit these characters again as I was a big fan of the Young Justice series that was created by Peter David and featured amazing artwork from Todd Nauck.

In a lot of ways, Dark Crisis: Young Justice does serve a bit as a love letter to the work of the earlier creators. We get cameos of former members and past foes as the trio of guys slowly start to realize that there was a time in their lives where things weren't so serious and that they were more happy. Of course, given the plot and the entity behind it, that too is very intentional. It is a reminder to readers too of that time when the world was not so dark and foreboding. For me as an old-school comic fan, it was most welcome.

While this is a very standalone tale that use the main event as a springboard, Fitmartin and Braga have crafted a beautiful story with a cohesive theme. While not necessary to the overall Dark Crisis arc, it is very much a welcome companion to the main tale. I am definitely going to keep an eye out for future projects from these two creators.

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