Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Debbie Harry - KooKoo (35th anniversary)

Today (July 27th) marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of KooKoo, the first solo studio album from Debbie Harry. This 1981 release scored very well on the charts, going to number 24 in Norway, number 17 in both Canada and New Zealand, number 7 in Sweden and number 6 in the UK. In the US, it spent twelve weeks on the US Billboard Album chart and peaked at number 25.

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HERC said...

As a long-time Blondie fan, I knew the band was so much more than its front woman but I was excited to hear Harry's solo album coming as it did after back to back winners Eat To The Beat and Autoamerican and three nearly consecutive Number One singles.

Then I saw the cover. And read the title. And heard the album.

To say I was disappointed would be kind but I eventually bought the album twenty-five years after it was released because of my OCD not because of a change of opinion. Tried listening to it after your review and just couldn't do it.

Glad you liked it though.