Saturday, January 1, 2011

Comics of the Week (12/29/10)

The last comic book commentary for 2010 - let's get to them!

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #2 - The Caped Crusader is added by Captain Marvel as Psycho-Pirate causes Christmas chaos in Gotham City. The story was fairly straightforward but fun.

Flash #8 - the spotlight issues on villains continues with the "origin" of Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash. I like these occasionally as Geoff Johns fleshes out the villains nicely. Interesting that despite his best efforts, Thawne could not change his fate to become a true villain.

Green Arrow #7 - the art on this issue was very nice, but the story seems to be dragging its heels. It seems as if this book has to run on a slow speed just so it can stay in tune with Brightest Day. I hope the pace picks up soon.

Green Lantern #61 - yawn. This Green Lantern issue was mostly a focus on the Red Lantern and the Spectre. Not a Green Lantern in sight. Not one I enjoyed at all.

Justice Society of America #46 - the "Supertown" story arc continues. I'm sort of on the fence on this one. It almost seems like the writer had a story in mind for a long time and the JSA just happens to be the super-heroes shoe-horned into it. This book may be a candidate for being dropped in 2011.

Teen Titans #90 - J.T. Krul has really turned this book around in a few short issues. I'm enjoying the new line-up with the addition of Robin (Damien). Now, if this storyline could pick it up a notch I would be happy.

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