Saturday, January 15, 2011

Comics of the Week (1/12/11)

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #3 - this issue Batman teams up with the Flash (which one? - we never know if it is Barry or Wally) as they end up through the Looking Glass (thanks to the Mad Hatter and Mirror Master). A fun but predictable issue. The attention to detail on the classic Lewis Carroll characters was nice though.

Birds of Prey #8 - a nice cover starts this one off (great team shot). Inside, I was more fascinated by the Penguin/Hawk subplot that the fight between the Birds and the Calculator's gang. The rhythm of the issue seemed a bit off for me - not sure why. Gail Simone usually pens decent tails but something about this BOP run so far hasn't clicked 100% of the time for me.

Booster Gold #40 - a lot of this issue recapped Booster's background, making it a good jumping on point for new readers. Since I've been a fan since his debut in the 80's, I found it all a little bit boring. And I'm not getting Rip Hunter's motivation at the end of the issue - to make Booster stand trial for his past/future "crimes". Weird.

Justice League: Generation Lost #17 - Again, this book seems like it is stuck in a muddy rut, spinning its tires. I get that the pacing needs to be there to spread it out across 24 issues but we don't seem to be making a lot of progress each issue. And just what is Max Lord's true plan? It seems to change all the time. I hope Judd Winnick knows where he is taking this as it seems off-track to me.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #24 - has it been two years already? Hmmm. I appreciate how Tony Bedard is trying to make the most of the DCU cosmic side in this book. We get Vril Dox, Blackfire, Lobo, Captain Comet, Starfire, Adam Strange, some GLs, etc. that give the whole book an interesting mix. But, we seem to be heading back to the well for another battle with Starro (the humanoid one). Really? Ho hum. I would prefer to see a new threat, not a revisit of an old one that has barely been out of the book. I also hear rumor that the title continues to have low sales. I don't know how I'd feel if it got cancelled.

Action Comics #896 - this isn't a book I normally get, but it came out a few weeks ago and leads into this week's Secret Six so I picked it up. There has been some buzz about Paul Cornell's run on the book with Luthor in the starring role. I had high hopes. Boy, was I disappointed. The dialogue was pretty weak, the pacing dull, and the cliffhanger very contrived. The art by Pete Woods didn't do much for me either. This was like reading some amateur fanfiction - some poorer quality fanfiction (I've read some good stuff over the years - any of those writers could have done better). I also had heard good things about the Jimmy Olsen back-up feature but this part didn't thrill me at all. Jimmy looked and acted like an immature brat - not at all the competent best-friend of Superman I've been a fan of for years. I guess they had to "relaunch" him too at some point, but I'm not impressed. I'd rather read his 1970's exploits. That was a competent character.

Secret Six #29 - so, after a horrible part 1, could Gail Simone pull it out with part 2? Not really. It was okay but not as good as the usual exploits this team is known for. I guess there was too much to come back from and to make it believable and in the vein of the book usual tone. This issue was a disappointment as well. And next month there is a crossover with the Doom Patrol book? Oh joy. Wake me up when all this "fill-in" stuff is over with.

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