Sunday, December 26, 2010

Comics of the Week (12/22/10)

DCU Legacies #8 (of 10) - this "recap" of the DC history through the eyes of a retired Metropolis police officer continues with the days following the death of and the return of Superman, plus the fall of Hal Jordan. I loved the artwork by Dan Jurgens who did much art originally relating to these events from years back. The backup story with the New Gods was sort of odd - funny time in the series to touch on them since this stuff originally appeared in Jack Kirby's run back in the 70's. Overall, this mini has been pretty good artwise even if the story has taken some liberties with the continuity of events.

Green Lantern Special: Larfreeze's Christmas - this one-shot features that greedy orange energy wielder Larfreeze and his quest for the utilimate holiday provider - Santa Claus. This was a fun issue, something that we used to have when I was a kid growing up - something that comes out just in time for the holidays to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. It was like a Rankin-Bass Christmas special. Enjoyed it a lot.

Justice League: Generation Lost #16 (of 24) - this biweekly mini continues to move along, a little bit at a plodding pace. Unlike its brother mini Brightest Day, this one seems to be stuck in neutral. I guess though since I've invested as much time and money in it so far that I should see it through to the end.

Justice League of America #52 - this storyline also seems to be dragging. A battle with the Crime Syndicate and Omega Man should be a big thing, but I find it taking a long time to get to a satisfying conclusion. Maybe next issue? I do love Bagley's art though. Very clean and solid.

Legion of Super-Heroes #8 - LOVE THIS BOOK! Levitz continues to capture that classic feel of his run on the book in the 80's, and the artwork is perfect. This issue features the election results and it should prove interesting after the developments of the previous issue. If you loved old-school LSH, this is a must-buy book.

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