Thursday, December 30, 2010

The 2010 Gap

To all my blog followers, I apologize for the period of silence from June to December of 2010. Lots of things factored into my lack of motivation to writing.

In June, a very good friend of mine suddenly learned he had a very advanced case of cancer. By the time it was detected, there was very little that could be done to prevent things from spreading. He went through the whole chemotherapy thing, moved back home with his parents, yet sadly had only a couple months left to live (and those months had a lot of pain and discomfort for him). He passed away during the summer. KC was a wonderful amateur writer who shared his work with the web. He was a master storyteller, and he is greatly missed by all of his friends. Since then, I haven't felt very into working on my own fiction.

In the summer, my son started his sophomore year of high school and with that marching band. So, my wife and I became band-booster-parents, going to all the home games to help with parking and tickets sales and going to competitions on weekends. It was a good way to spend our time while supporting all the kids at Fred T. Foard high school. We enjoyed it a lot and look forward to next fall.

In the fall, my wife's aunt learned that she too had a form of cancer. Despite treatment, she spent her last weeks in the hospital. My wife was able to go up to be with her family during this very sad time. Still and especially during this holiday season, the absence of Aunt Jane in all our lives has left us somewhat sadder. She was a very unique person, always friendly and welcoming and encouraging. She too is greatly missed.

My hope for 2011 and beyond is to blog a bit more when I can. I'll try to keep the weekly comic reviews and well as comments about TV, music and more. This is a good outlet and a nice way to do some writing on a daily basis. I hope you all check in periodically. Thanks.

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TMTW said...

Welcome back. It has been a difficult year for so many; may 2011 bring you health, prosperity, and the mad desire to blog!