Friday, August 7, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 4 episode 5 and 6

Continuing my viewing/reviewing of Angel season 4...


A4-5: Sypersymmetry (written by Craft and Fain, airdate 11/03/02)

We learn a lot this episode - getting published makes Fred all hot, Cordy is always stealing the covers, Wes can say no to Lilah's nookie, and Connor likes to catch glimpses at Cordy's cleavage. I enjoyed how Fred's moment to shine turned to disaster - luckily the guys were there to help. Was Lilah behind it? Was the comic book nerd behind it (played by the same actor who plays the older brother on iCarly)? Did you know Gunn was a reader of Daredevil? In the end, the story turns to that of revenge - Fred wants some payback on Professor Siedel who, it turns out, was the one who dumped her off in Pilia. Her turning to Wes when Angel and Gunn wouldn't do it sets up some nice tension. But, in the end, Gunn does what any boyfriend would do - put the blood on his hands so Fred wouldn't have to.

A4-6: Spin the Bottle (written by Joss Whedon, airdate 11/10/02)

Leave it to Joss to give us an interesting narrative framework - Loren telling us the story via a flashback (amazing how he could do that when he was unconscious for most of it). Love when magic goes all wonky - this time showing the group as they were as teenagers. Yeah, we get old Cordy back. We also find out Wes was head-boy at the Watchers' Academy (snicker). Gunn is as badass as we'd expect. Fred is surprisingly an interesting geek - into conspiracy theory and scoring some weed. Loved seeing Angel as a confused Liam too. Of course, Connor gets to show up and cause some chaos. And we get Alexis doing some great physical comedy throughout (you know Joss likes to have him do that stuff). All in all, a fun episode - and in the end Cordy has her memories back - and that isn't necessarily a good thing.

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