Friday, February 6, 2009

Comics of the Week (2/4/09) part 1

Adventure Comics #0 - This very cheap ($1.00) book reprints the debut of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the original run of Adventure Comics issue #247. I've read this story dozens of times over in the past and have it in various volumes. So, it was something I could skip reading again. The cover was a newly drawn interpretation of the first meeting of Superboy with the LSH. There was also six pages of new material in the back as part of the "Origins and Omens" event this month. In it, we get a teaser of what's to come for Luthor and Brainiac as well as a recently deceased character who will be making a return soon. The entire issue is a teaser for June's relaunch of the book at a new #1. If Geoff Johns is writing, I'm there.

Trinity #36 - the trinity "gods" are angry and throw down with one another. In the back, the battle of the altered world continues as a hero finds some unexpected allies. Kurt Busiek is clearly using the fifty-two issues to tell an epic tale which benefits greatly from the weekly installments. Some who aren't getting it might enjoy it when it starts to get collected into trade paperbacks in a few months.

Terror Titans #5 (of 6) - the penultimate chapter of this villainy-themed mini continued to deliver. There is a lot of action, a lot of betrayal and still a few questions to be answered in next month's finale. Definitely a fun book that tied loosely to Final Crisis without being ruined by that mini's faults.

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