Saturday, February 14, 2009

Comics of the Week (2/11/09)

Action #874 - the cover focusings on Superman saving Mon-El from the Phantom Zone, but this was not the majority of the issue. First we get some stuff on New Krypton, then stuff at the Daily Planet and then finally to the Fortress of Solitude and Mon-El. Of course, it is continued in the next issue of Superman, which I will have to wait for the library to get in to read. Since Geoff Johns appears to have left the writing on this title, it might be time to drop this crossing over title.

Batman and the Outsiders Special - Batman is gone but he leaves Alfred with a task, which is getting the "band" back together. In this case, it is mostly the original Outsiders line-up with a few more additions. This one-shot was okay but it mostly "see what hero is up to just before Alfred shows up to talk to him/her". I'm willing to see how this spills over into the regular monthly title though.

Booster Gold #17 - another solid issue by Dan Jurgens. This is simple, fun, time-travelling at its best. And Booster finds he has to insure a certain hero ends up getting his powers as is destined. The "Origins and Omens" back up was okay - mostly a recap but there were a couple teaser panels of upcoming stuff.

Rebels #1 - back in the 80's there was L.E.G.I.O.N., the 20th century version of the LSH. That begot R.E.B.E.L.S. Well, the concept is back as Vril Dox comes to Earth with his former organization on his heels. He contacts Supergirl who, unknowingly, has a very critical mission she's been on. It was an interesting start to a new book. I'm think I'll keep getting it for six months at least.

Trinity #37 - a stunning Wonder Woman cover as the tale of the three gods continues. In the back-up feature, Nigma and Le Fey decide they need a new 'Fool' for their arcana. And who is the best fit? The Joker! It is time for a wildcard to get thrown into the mix!

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