Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just Another Sunday

Yes, kickoff for the Big Game, the Super Bowl, is happening any moment now. Hundreds of thousands of people are gathered in homes and bars and at parties to watch the game and the new commercials. They're eating and drinking and yelling and cheering.

I'm not one of those people.

Sure, we do the Super Bowl at our house. My wife and son are upstairs watching the game. We had wings, chips and cheese dip, and mini pizza biscuits for dinner. All very tasty. I even cleaned up so they could watch the rest of the pre-game show. I'm just not interested in watching any of the game.

So, what am I doing instead (besides blogging about it)? I spent some time earlier reading the latest Clobberin' Times Online. I played around with my iPod, making some smart playlists. I did a little writing. And this evening I'll likely do a little reading and listening to some music. To me, it's just another Sunday.

I'm going to duck now, so I don't get poked by those foam fingers being thrown at me.

Enjoy the game, friends.

1 comment:

KC said...

I spent all day on a plane and didn't get home until well after the game was over. Sigh.

Well, I did get to watch the "five minute" edited version on local TV. Too bad the Pats lost - man, they should have TACKLED the QB at the end, there.

Oh, well, maybe I'll catch it next year!