Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol 2008 - week 2 Gals' Performances

Another night of 70's and a little bit more of flip-flopping on my list of favorites (some did exact swaps with one another from my last week spots). Here are my thoughts, best to worst:

1) Ramiele Malubay - not her best but still a solid performance of a disco classic
2) Brooke White - surprise! Carly Simon works for her as did the guitar.
3) Carly Smithson - much better. Heart suited her. Oh, FYI - I think my buddies and I drank in that Irish pub she works at in San Diego many years back.
4) Asia'h Epperson - still sounding a little sick, but hopeful she can get back to solid form soon.
5) Alaina Whitaker - a very good performance from this 17 year old.
6) Amanda Overmeyer - loved hearing this rocker's take on a classic rock tune.
7) Alexandrea Lushington -she slid down a bit, sounded like she's still sick too.
8) Syesha Mercado - what happened here? #2 on my list last week, now here. Better pull it together, girl!
9) Kristy Lee Cook - just seemed off in too many places for me to enjoy the song.
10) Kady Malloy - I was not impressed at all. This definitely is her week to go.

Results tonight. We'll see how well I did.

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