Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comics of the Week (2/20/08)

Countdown to Final Crisis #10 - Mary Batson sees the light, and Holly and Harley benefit too. Karate Kid teaches Jason a thing about what friendship means, but it falls on deaf ears. Granny Goodness gets what's coming to her. And the Pied Piper faces the ultimate temptation. All this and awesome Bruce Timm art on Harley Quinn's origin pages (reminds me why I loved Batman the Animtated Series

Batman and the Outsiders #4 - Chuck Dixon is on fire writing this book, and Julian Lopez does wonderful art duties. Green Arrow in the book? Loving it. A great team book with lots of action and character interplay.

Death of the New Gods #6 - more cosmic drama as Orion faces the killer of the Gods. And finally, the killer is revealed - or is it? Two more issues to go with this epic, so I am sure there are more surprises to come.

Justice League of America #18 - the main story continues to tie in to Salvation Run as the League faces off against the Suicide Squad. In the back, we get more character moments with the currently confined Red Tornado. Dwayne McDuffie is building on the work done previously by Brad Meltzer on the character.

Book of the week - the Brave and the Bold #10. When we're talking the combo of Mark Waid (comic trivia expert) and George Perez (best artist ever!), you can't beat it. This issue, the Challengers continue to research the mystery of Megistus. We get two tales - a Superman and Silent Knight team-up that calls back the days of another team-up title (DC Comics Presents) and a Teen Titans/Aquaman story that fits in nicely just prior the King of Atlantis' wedding to Mera. A solid issue through and through. Two more issues in Perez's art run on the title left - and those two issues will tie up the Megistus arc as well. Looking forward to them.

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