Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol 2008 - week 1 - Gals' Performances

Ladies performances for week one again with music from the 60's. Some repeat songs from the guys the previous night (I can't believe they couldn't find all unique songs - go figure). A lot of the women appeared to be fighting off flu or bronchitis, but as Simon pointed out the show must go on so they just need to do their best. Some did. Some didn't. Here's my rating from last night, best to worst:

1) Ramiele Malubay - the small woman with the powerful voice. I predict she'll do well this season.
2) Syesha Mercado - another strong, confident voice
3) Asia'h Epperson - a good performer. Let's stop hearing about her father dying two days before the audition, please.
4) Alexandrea Lushington - another confident performer
5) Alaina Whitaker - the best of the blonde pack by far
6) Amanda Overmeyer - this rocker-nurse brings something unique to the table so I'd like to see her make top 12.
7) Joanna Borgella - I believe she has a powerful voice, sounded a little ill last night
8) Carly Smithson - the Irish singer. I think she's over-rated
9) Brooke White - very cute and wholesome, but not good enough for this contest I fear
10) Kristy Lee Cook - third of the blondes and by far the worst of the trio
11) Kady Malloy - very boring song and stiff performance
12) Amy Davis - horrible. Definitely going home this week.

Results tonight. We'll see how I stacked up for the week.

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