Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol 2008 - week 1 - Results

First, the cheesey group medley is back! Yes. Gotta love that. Everyone looked great - from the guys in the nice suits to the girls in the mini dresses. They actually sounded good together too.

On to the results.

First guy gone - Garrett Haley. Color me surprised. I thought the youth factor would help him, but I guess the slow Sedaka song did him in. He took his quick axing like a trooper.

First girl gone - Amy Davis. No surprise. I had her at the bottom of my ladies' list. She seemed shocked.

Next, a video debut from Paula Abdul - her newest release off of Randy Jackson's album. Yep, Idol nepotism at its finest. The video? Pure early 90's at best. The sound? As my wife said, they did a lot of work to support her vocals.

Back to the eliminations.

Second girl to go - Joanne Borgella. Kind of surprised, but her sickness seemed to do in her vocals. Still, wasn't part of my top six, so it was kind of expected.

Second guy to go - Colton Barry. Hey, another one from the bottom of my list. Not surprised by this one, nor by Simon's comments. Remember, in the Hollywood round to get to the top 24, Simon wanted Kyle (the tie-wearing geek) over Colton - but Paula and Randy outvoted him. Simon made no bones about his being against this choice.

So, there we go - 24 to 20. We'll see what next week brings.

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