Friday, February 1, 2008

Comics of the Week (1/30/08) part 1

Countdown to Aventure #6 - okay, this story is waaaaaay to dragging on. I know they want to fill an eight-issue mini-series, but the lead story seems to be the same-old/same-old every time. Sure, the wives of Adam Strange and Animal Man are now involved too and we appear to be getting to the final act, but come on. For a series that had promise this is going straight down the tubes. The Forerunner story isn't helping much either. Especially since we saw where she ends up two weeks back in Countdown. So, way to kill the suspense. Can't wait for this one to end.

JSA Classified #34 - another Hourman spotlight, yawn. Okay, this is pretty formulatic - Hourman has an hour to save his wife. Fine. But all that running around in NYC in less than an hour? Not believable. Oh, and the villain - way to bring in someone out of the blue we don't know nor do we care about his final fate. Yawn. At least this was a done-in-one story. Had it dragged on for two issues, I don't know what I would have done.

Countdown to Final Crisis #13 - okay, yes, finally something good. Talk about all out action. Superman-Prime versus the Monarch, and Earth-51 pays the price. That's how to get the readers' attention. Hopefully the last three months of this epic will keep up the pace. With Darkseid showing up, I would expect so. Let's get some closure, people.

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