Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol 2008 - week 2 Guys' Performances

Week 2 and we're into the 70's music. Lots of shifting and sliding of the list of favorite this week as some folks step up their game while others rest a little too much on laurels or poor song choices. My best to worst:

1) David Archuleta - great vocals on "Imagine".
2) Luke Menard - an impressive Queen tune that showcased his voice
3) David Hernandez - great soul performance of "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"
4) David Cook - liked the rocking with the electric guitar
5) Jason Castro - more guitar and sweet vocals on an Andy Gibb classic
6) Michael Johns - sliding down a bit on a safe performance
7) Danny Noriega - that Carpenters song suited his voice
8) Chikezie - still not a favorite of mine but a pleasant song
9) Robbie Carrico - my number 2 guy last week slides to the bottom and could be going home. Song choices, dude, song choices.
10) Jason Yeager - I don't think he stand out enough to last into the top 12.

Tonight the ladies and more 70's songs. Should be fun.

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