Saturday, February 2, 2008

Comics of the Week (1/30/08) part 2

Death of the New Gods #5 (of 8) - this mini series by Jim Starlin continues to be interesting. Clearly the stakes are rising as more of the gods from Apokolips and New Genesis are taken out of the picture. Plus, Metron starts to learn the truth of the Source. Definitely a solid mini series. If you aren't buying the individual floppies, be sure to snag in when the eventual trade comes out. It is a DC epic that should not be missed.

Action Comics #861 - part four of the Superman and the LSH story arc. Again, another solid issue bringing back elements of the classic LSH from the 70's and 80's that I grew up on. I look forward to the final two parts of this arc.

Green Lantern #27 - part two of "the Alpha Lanterns" tale. We finally learn what it means to become an Alpha Lantern, and the price is a dear one! Those final pages of this issue - just chilling. Geoff Johns is continuing to evolve this comic franchise in wonderful ways.


Michael O. said...

Green Lantern ROCKS. I don't know if there are angry purists out there who don't like the new direction this thing has taken, but I'm loving it. I think this is the best the GL universe has been in years. This is one of the very few things I'm picking up. Quality, every month.

Martin said...

Mike, I totally agree. I'm a GL old-school fan from the 1970's - when his book was brought back with Green Arrow as his title co-star (ah, the Mike Grell art - fantastic!). I remember when the Manhunters were first introduced in Englehart's classic JLA issues (140 and 141). Geoff Johns clearly has a respect for the past but at the same time provides logical evolutionn that makes this book truly engaging. The characters are vibrant and the drama intense.