Sunday, November 5, 2023

Book Review: Cells at Work Omnibus vol. 1

Follow the 37 trillion cells inside a human body, including Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cell, Macrophage, and, of course, the cute, little Platelets, as they face off against threats like cedar pollen, parasites, food poisoning, staph infection, and their ultimate nemesis, cancer. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, these tiny workers are doing their best to keep you moving.

This new omnibus edition brings the series back in a larger page size, with three volumes in one. Collect the entire series in just two books!

Cells at Work Omnibus volume 1 by Akane Shimizu will be released on November 28, 2023. Kodansha Comics provided an early galley for review.

This manga takes the world within ourselves and turns it into a dynamic action-adventure tale. Each story shows how the cells in the body react to various situations, working together and supporting one another. The characters that personify the cells have unique designs that reflect their nature and function.

Not only does this manga entertain, but it also informs and educates the reader about the inner workings of our anatomy. Descriptive boxes explain what various cell types and body parts do. It is very easy to see why this is hailed by doctors as an accurate representation of the body.

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