Thursday, October 22, 2020

Book Review: The Vinyl Detective - Low Action

This is the fifth and latest book in the Vinyl Detective mystery series. In this one, our record aficionado protagonist and his girlfriend Nevada are hired to find a rare pressing of the first album by the all-female punk rock band Blue Tits. However, that band's former lead singer Helene Hilditch also has been the target of several murder attempts.

The search for the record and the killer leads through the rest of the band members, their roadie and others that traveled in that particular musical circle. Can they find the would-be killer before disaster strikes?

The author Andrew Cartmel hails from Britain and, thus, his novels reflect the colors of that country. With each book in the series, he expands the cast of characters who inhabit the Vinyl Detective's world. While each title can be read as a stand-alone tale, the frequent reader is rewarded by the rich tapestry of characters and events that he has established with the series.

I discovered this series very recently and found them all to be very enjoyable, so far. If you enjoy your mysteries on the lighter side and have an interest in the world of music, I think you will find these books worth a read.

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