Saturday, November 8, 2014

Destruction - Sentence of Death

This week (November 10th) marks the thirtieth anniversary of Sentence of Death, the debut EP from the German thrash-metal trio Destruction. The roster consisted of Marcel Schirmer (bass and vocals), Mike Sifringer (guitar), and Tommy Sandmann (drums).

Side one begins appropriately enough with “Intro”, a welcome from a hellish demon from the underworld that promises total destruction. Oh, and it has a screaming, shredding guitar solo to boot.

It rolls perfectly into the next track “Total Desaster” (I think they meant “disaster”), a rapid-fire, in-your-face assault.

“Black Mass” features from very nimble-finger guitar playing and thundering drums. As you would guess, it centers on the theme of devil-worship.

Side two arrives with the “Mad Butcher”, the tale of (I suppose) a murderous man who does not fear eternal damnation. Honestly, it is hard to decipher the lyrics over the music on this record.

“Satan’s Vengeance” is next.

The record ends with “Devil’s Soldiers”. It actually opens with a nice melody before degenerating into more of what we’ve already heard for the previous fifteen minutes or so.

I had never heard of Destruction, nor could I find this one for streaming. However, someone over on YouTube put up the whole under-twenty-minute long record in a single video. If you want some loud, raucous metal, go pull it up and bang your head. For me, six songs is just about the right amount of this genre of music; this is definitely not the kind of music I would listen to for any length of time.

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John said...

Wow, this one is a blast from the past. Their albums and EP's afterwards were much stronger, but this one still holds up.