Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comics of the Weeks (3/4/09 to 3/18/09)

Time to play catch up. Sorry to my regular readers for not posting these - been a little busy. I'm thinking maybe doing my comic comments every two weeks or once a month now, in part because I'm finding that my pull list is shrinking a bit more as each month goes by.

Booster Gold #18 - another rock solid issue by Dan Jurgens as Booster teams up with his past self to rescue his sister from the end of time and to return the chrono-dagger to ancient Egypt. Lots of ramifications in this issue - answering some questions and creating a few more. A good time travel series should do that. I hear rumor that in a few months the price of the book will go up another $1 (to $3.99) but the Blue Beetle (Jaime) will be a back-up feature in the title. I'm not thrilled with the price increase but I enjoy Booster too much to let this one drop.

the Outsiders #16 - the new/old team gets new digs and a mission. Hmmm...I'm not as impressed as I had been last month. I think this book is going to targeting my "drop list" very soon.

Rebels #2 - while not as good as the first issue, this one did have its moments. Seeing Vril Dox argue with Brainiac 5 was interesting, as Vril going off task to use the information he got from his ancestor to do things his way. That makes this book nice and unpredictable. And the way Vril screwed over Tigorr - priceless.

Secret Six #7 - the opening arc ends in a free-for-all in Gotham City. I love the twists and turns this book takes, and I love a cast of villains who tend to do things their way for their own reasons. Another solid issue from Gail Simone and the art team.

Solomon Grundy #1 (of 7) - spinning off the one-shot "Faces of Evil" issue two months ago, this seems to be building into a nice, definitive look at Grundy's past and future. If you're a fan of what Geoff Johns did with the Rogues over in the Flash, you should enjoy this book.

Strange Adventures #1 (of 8) - this mini is a sequel to the recent Rann-Thanagar Holy War. It has Jim Starlin back at the creative helm. It follows the further exploits of Adam Strange, the cosmic Starman, Captain Comet, the Weird and Bizarro, and it introduces some new cosmic threats. I am enjoying it just for the scope of things and the varied cast.

Terror Titans #6 (of 6) - another fine issue wrapping up a great mini with interesting villain characters. The ramifications will be folding back into the regular Teen Titans title and, from what I heard, Ravager will be getting her own back-up series in that book when it bumps up a buck as well to $3.99. If it continues the events from this mini, I'm good with that as well.

Trinity #40 to 42 - the weekly epic draws into the third act. The trinity is back, sort of, from the altered reality and is making good that which needs to be. They're taking on the villains three and holding nothing back. But even when they are stopped, there is still the threat of Krona looming near the finale. With ten issues left to go, I am looking forward to a huge payoff. Oh, that and freeing up $2.99 a week off my bill - that is unless another weekly is going to be done and it is something that interests me.


KC Ryan said...

Another weekly?

Have you heard about Wednesday Comics? 12 big smacking folding issues, sort of like a Sunday comics section, with the best characters (Batman, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Teen Titans and lots more) by the best creators. Looks really good - even better than most of the new comic books coming out. Looking forward to this one!


PS - welcome back!

Martin Maenza said...

I had not heard about Wednesday Comics yet. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to consider this - once I see the advance solicit in Previews for it.