Saturday, August 15, 2009

DVD review - Buffy season 7 episodes 12, 13, 14 and 15

Continuing my viewing/reviewing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7 (final season)....

I've decided to continue to plow through directly before getting back to Angel season 4. This show is picking up the pace nicely and I am very close to the final episode. So, moving on...


B7-12: Potential (written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner, airdate 1/21/03)

Dawn is feeling a bit left out, with all the potentials training. Of course, she would want to believe that Willow's spell singled her out as the next one in Sunnydale. Xander shows how much he believes in her when talking to Willow and Anya about it. Good to see Amanda again - as she and Dawn face the vamp in school. Love how they did parallels to Buffy's training with the potentials and the fight in the school. But Dawn is smart and realizes who the spell really meant to illuminate - Amanda. In the end, a very touching talk between Xander and Dawn. He gets what she's feeling. He gets it about being normal in the group of powerful individuals. But he reminds her too, like "the older brother" he is, that she is in fact extraordinary. She has her place, as does he. And it's okay not to be chosen - that doesn't mean they can't make a difference. A nice message.

B7-13: The Killer In Me (written by Drew Z. Greenberg, airdate 2/4/03)

So, Kennedy fakes being sick to get out of the spiritual retreat so she can mack on Willow. Interesting. And even more so - much hate for Amy and her "penance malediction" spell - to take advantage of Willow's confused emotions and turn her into the twisted Warren. Kennedy shows great strength in helping Willow get through it and to resolve her feelings for Tara. Meanwhile, Buffy helps Spike resolve the issues with his chip - and we get some closure on the Initiative and what happened to their base after the fight with Adam back in season 4. Finally, the funny - Willow/Xander/Anya/Jonathan suspect Giles might in fact be the First in disguise. Nice use of them here too. Man, the cast is getting big.

B7-14: First Date (written by Jane Espenson, airdate 2/11/03)

Giles is right - it is time to get serious. While Xander's date ends up in total disaster (he has such crappy luck with women), Buffy does gain much insight into Principal Wood - finding out the truth about his past, why he's such a good vampire hunter and why he positioned himself for the job at the re-opened Sunnydale High. Of course, adding to the drama/tension is the fact that Spike killed Wood's mother - the Slayer from NYC in the 70's - well, why not? Makes for some interesting subplots as we roll into the final acts. Oh, and we see the return of Giles' crappy drawing skills. Lots of funny out of how they scared Chow-Ann - even more funny that his Catonese is so bad that he can't understand that his constant offering of milk products is bad for this lactose intolerant potential.

B7-15: Get It Done (written by Douglas Petrie, airdate 2/18/03)

Nice to see Spike and Anya out socializing, even if her libido is out of control and the demons still want her dead. Andrew's "big board" is funny. Having Wood assess the operations and allowing him the chance to get more time to talk to Spike worked out well. At least he has something to offer too - his mother's old bag of stuff that includes the shadow casters. Those come in handy too when the First finds a way to cause one of the potentials to kill herself - leading to Buffy's toughest speech ever. The entire sequence involving Buffy going to the three while the demon hits town worked well too. We got to see the return of Spike to his old fighting form, much to Wood's dismay. We got to see Willow push her magic skills and dance close that line again. And we got Buffy to reject the power offering and instead get information - that they are all in for a serious war as the First has a huge army ready to cross-over at any moment. Yikes!

See why I can't wait to get through the final seven episodes? It's building nicely to a huge showdown. It's gonna be good.

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