Sunday, August 23, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 4 episodes 16, 17, 18 and 19

Continuing my viewing/reviewing of Angel season 4...


A4-16: Players (written by Bell, Fain and Craft, airdate 3/26/03)

Three writers? Never a great sign. This episode was all right. Cordy of course announced to the gang that she expecting and they immediately jump to demon-birth. Not like she hasn't been down that road before. She says to Angel right under his nose that she's the big-bad, thinking she's coy. But it isn't that which tips them off. Falling right into a little trap they set with Loren as the bait, looks like the gig is up. Oh, Magic 8 ball - nice touch. Meanwhile, Gwen returns and needs Gunn's help on a mission. He shows his cool under pressure style and brains, and almost gets set up for the fall. He helps her go after her real prize and is rewarded in a special way when Gwen's electro-powers are neutralized. I guess we had to have a finishing arc for this third tier character.

A4-17: Inside Out (written by Steven S. DeKnight, airdate 4/2/03)

The gang tells cornered Cordy how they figured it all out, but that doesn't keep her long. Man, Connor is such a tool and so easily manipulated. I so hate his character. The fact that Cordy can just bat her eyes and have him go get a virgin sacrifice is laughable. Meanwhile, Angel goes to get some answers from Skip - and finds them. Boy, does he find them! Turns out all they knew was a lie - the ascension, the visions, the coming of them together - all planned. Okay, this is a lot to swallow, even for us viewers. All of it was a set up? I feel cheap. At least we got a cool bit with Wes, and his oh-so-perfect targetting skills, blowing out Skip's brains. Yeah, Wesley!!! Meanwhile, Connor "sees" Darla who tries to convince him not to go down this evil path - but the punk doesn't buy it. This gives Cordy time to kill the girl. He annoints her pregnant belly with the blood and viola! Not even Angel arriving in time can stop the coming of...a grown woman?!? (Gina Torres) Why must the Firefly gang all be used as villains? Is that the price of your show getting canned?

A4-18: Shiny Happy People (written by Craft and Fain, airdate 4/9/03)

Angel and Connor are both acting loopy after meeting the woman (later named Jasmine because she keeps noticing the flowers' smell - I wonder if that'll be a clue to her downfall? Hmmmm...). Cordy isn't dead - more a coma like state. I guess that's a good way to keep Charisma on the show while she goes through her real-life pregnancy. (see, I hate when shows have to take turns like this to cover for the actors - I want the old Cordy back!!) Meanwhile, everyone who meets Jasmine instantly finds her benevolent. Okay, not everyone. There was that crazy guy. Speaking of crazy, Fred gets obcessed with trying to clean the bloodstain out of Jasmine's blouse after her injury at the bowling alley (how cool was the vamps bowling with their victims' heads?). But Fred scrubs until she bleeds, mixing her blood with Jasmine's - and that allows her to see the truth - that Jasmine is not what she seems! Can I say "eeeeeeew!"? She takes off and realizes she's on her own on this one.

A4-19: The Magic Bullet (written by Jeffrey Bell, airdate 4/16/03)

Fred tries to get help from a conspiracy theorist bookstore owner, but he's under the thrall too. Jasmine's power is spreading across LA every day - in person, over the airwaves, etc. And she can see through her followers anywhere she wants, putting Fred on the constant run as she tries to figure out what to do next. Open mic night was kind of funny. Fred's taking refuge with the little demon who is into "finger food" had some comedic moments too. But it gives Fred an idea - the blood. She knows why she can see the truth and lets herself get captured. Then in a desperate attempt, she shoots Jasmine and lets the bullet pass through her and into Angel. Blood to blood. Angel was blind but now can see. It ain't pretty. The two then concoct a plan to get the others back on their side. First they cure Loren, then Gunn and Wes. When they try to restore Connor, he seems immune - probably due to his being Jasmine's "father". He blows the whistle on them. Did I mention how much I hate this kid? Did I? Ugh.

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