Thursday, August 20, 2009

Comics of the Week (8/19/09)

Blackest Night: Superman #1 (of 3) - Robinson and Barrows knock this one out of the park, tying the world of the Superman cast into the big event of the year. Pure enjoyment through and through. Enough said!

the Brave and the Bold #26 - I didn't have high hopes of this one because it features the Spectre with Xombi (another of the Milestone crew). Then I opened it up and confirmed my initial thoughts. Ugh. The art did not appeal to me at all and that just made a mediocre story even less interesting. I actually didn't even finish it - something rare for me and a comic. Yuck. Can we get back to exciting team-ups, please?

Justice League of America #36 - Len Wein continues his Royal Flush Gang arc with a nice retelling of the origin of Amos Fortune and the crew. The art by Tom Derenick was enjoyable too. For a fill-in arc, this one has been a lot of fun.


Michael O'Connell said...

About the only DC I've been following has been the Green Lantern stuff. What can I say? I'm a Marvel guy. I was trying with Final Crisis, but that just made me lose interest in the DCU (Morrison fans around the world are right now raising spears to throw at me). But thanks to my GL fix, I've led right up to Blackest Night, and now I'm back in the DCU for the event. And MAN, am I glad I am! I'm loving this! Loving the BN mini, and totally loving what's happened so far with both the Batman and Superman tie-in minis. Great stuff! Like, can't-wait-for-the-next-issue stuff, which is a great feeling.

Also noticed Robinson is coming over to JLA, and if that alone didn't sell me, the "Justice" mini by him sure as heck is. Wow! I even decided to give Red Robin a try, and found I really love the book. DC's back in the game! Sweet! See, all it took to get me back was heavy Lantern mythos and some zombies...

KC Ryan said...

I loved that issue of Justice League. For some reason I never connected Amos Fortune and the Royal Flush Gang. Is that a retcon?
Anyway, the idea of a nationwide gang is kind of interesting - where are all the heroes hiding that the JLA has to go after them?

Martin said...

KC, Amos Fortune was right there from the first RFG appearance back in the 60's. Len knows his stuff.

Mike, I totally agree - Blackest Night is really doing well so far. And Robinson will be taking over the regular JLA title soon - so if you like Justice League: Cry For Justice, you'll want to be picking that up then too.